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Wave Worthy Chats - Shahad Sadeq

We are so excited to hear from Shahad Sadeq

on today's #WaveWorthyChats

Name: Shahad Sadeq

Role: Architectural Designer

Years in Industry: 6

Question: "How do we move forward and execute on a great idea especially on projects if we don't have support from people/colleagues around us ?”"

Audacious ideas propel the world forward. For them to become effective, they need to be in an environment where they can thrive.

the first step to moving forward is the evaluation phase

Why is it that the idea doesn't have the support of your collegues/people?

  • Is the idea clearly identified and communicated to people/coworkers?

  • Do your coworkers/colleagues understand how they can support the idea?

  • Is your current environment optimal to develop the idea?

once you have a perspective on the situation, it's time to develop buy-in

  • Use Facts and figures to build up your argument

  • consider how this will benefit them

  • set small attainable goals to build momentum

  • make it a win-win for all

Ultimately, to sustain the implementation and yield effective results from any great idea, you will need support.

Thanks Shahad for sharing!

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