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Wave Worthy Chats - Katie Swenson

We are so excited to hear from Katie Swenson

on today's #WaveWorthyChats

Name: Katie Swenson

Role: Senior Principal, MASS Design Group

Years in Industry: 24

Question: How do you balance being a mother and professional? What have you sacrificed (both personally and professionally) at each stage of your career?

Oh! This question I could answer in so many ways….how long?

After 23 three years of juggling motherhood and architecture, I became a quasi empty-nester this year! With three nearly grown daughters (23, 20, 17), I can now say that I have no regrets in trying to have a full career and vibrant life as a mom, even as a single mom for the majority of that time. My kids not only survived, but they have become wonderful, capable, independent people committed to bringing their full selves to their pursuits - in writing, architecture and social justice. And, sticking with it all those years - even when it got hectic - has allowed me to have incredible opportunities, and the chance to engage in meaningful work, especially now when I have more time. I am not sure what I sacrificed…sleep for sure, but usually, the most important priorities emerge. While I didn’t have a partner for much of that time, I did get the chance to fall in love. When my partners passed away too soon, I got the chance to grieve. After feeling so wrapped up in work and mothering for many years, I later got the chance to write and express my creativity in other ways. Living near my parents and family was a huge help, at every step of the way, as was the support of a broader community, both at home and at work.

Thanks Katie for sharing!

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